Thursday, March 19, 2009

America Runs on Dunkin

So I must admit that these past few weeks, we've been reading quite a bit of Arnie the Doughnut This is a classic and delicious book brought to us by a friends Liz and J a few years ago. It is a fabulous book which will inevitably make your children want to eat doughnuts.
Now we eat doughnuts every so often- we've even made them, but the doughnuts we find around here aren't the sprinkly and colored kind who speak from the pages of Arnie. Now why talking doughnuts would induce us to such hunger, I'm not sure, but it overwhelms the whole family. And so we decided to take a little field trip down the hill last Saturday morning, to Dunkin Donuts.
Although this business has been in my town for quite a while, I've never been there. But I seem to be the only one. It was packed. Doughnuts were flying, coffee was flowing, it was a regular party down there. We let the girls each choose two flavors, and then we were out of there, famous box in hand.
As you may know, I have a bit of a resistance to oddly colored food in my children's tummies. But every so often that all goes out the window. Watching Rosie delicately eat her "pink flavored" doughnut, one might never believe that I had worked so hard to create the perfect pink raspberry puree in order to make the requested pink cupcakes for Rosie's third birthday.

And although even I sometimes try to forget it, it seems unimaginable that I would have worked so hard to color Sadie's last birthday cake green for her Wizard of Oz party, finally settling on Spirulina buttercream. (and no, I don't recommend it)

And how did the girls like their sprinkly brightly colored treats? They ate them happily, but afterwards Sadie claimed to like Taft Farm's fresh doughnuts more, and Rosie agreed, saying, "Yeah, I'm not sure about this Dunkin Donuts farm".

So later in the morning, when Sadie was dancing off her doughnuts at dance class, Rosie and I stopped in at Taft Farms to say hello to our old favorites.

The owner apologized for the small quantity on the plate, admitting that they only make them a few at a time to keep them warm. I told him that was quite alright with me.


  1. well, see, now i want to go to a donut farm. thanks, rosie.

  2. apparently you can get one the size of your head here:
    ~ doughnut crazy in the A.M.

  3. Funny! Glad they like the book and can appreciate good donuts, too.