Tuesday, June 23, 2009


With Joey away this week, I decided to take the girls up to Sarah and Jefferson's in Maine for a few days.

I find that as I get older, I get more comfortable with my fears, and this worries me a bit.

Although I used to fearlessly journey wherever and whenever I had the urge, it seems that more is at stake now, and to pack the girls up in the car and drive far away just seems so hard, at least in my mind.

Home is just easier, but this time I couldn't help myself. I wanted to go for an adventure.

And it was so nice to have a few days away from all the work and responsibility that houses us. Sometimes I have a hard time just slowing down at all so that I can look my kids in they eye and really be with them. Sometimes I need to go away so that I can have the opportunity.

Good thing I have such friends to help me out too. Amazing how many people the girls consider to be in their family.

And it's helpful for me to remember that although I share the work with Joey and I like it that way, I can still do those things that I've stopped doing in these years, like driving in the rain on an unfamiliar highway, or packing and unpacking a car stuffed with sleeping bags and rain boots and bananas all by myself.
What a good weekend. I have lots more to share, and some really good food to tell you about, but I just wanted to check in while I can still hear the sound of the pebbles talking as the waves go out.


  1. it's so nourishing to see my baby girls out there in Maine. Home soon.


  2. You are effing brilliant.