Wednesday, August 12, 2009

duck fat

Day one in Maine. arrived sleepy late into the night, and today we went to duck fat. It was so busy that we had to wait on the street while trying to entertain the girlies, and when we finally settled at our high and perfect table, we were excited and sleepy and a bit too hungry.

This place is amazing. We've been thinking about it since we found the locally sourced poutine and milkshakes last year. I think they sum it up pretty well themselves.
"Why duckfat fries?"
"Because duck fat makes fries taste good!"
Belgian fries with homemade mayos, paninis with amazing things like duck confit and black mission fig mustarda, roasted beet salads, and beignets. Beautiful women with a penchant for kitchen gear, white beer with lunch, and I am right at home.

We went back into the foggy day full and happy. And me, thinking of all the things I could fry in duckfat. More adventures tomorrow.


  1. Alana, where do you live? BECAUSE I want to not only come to your kitchen too, but I want you to take me to this restaurant (on me)!! Anything fried, sauteed etc.. in duck fat is heaven - the heck with my was already broken! LOL That said, your daughters (from all the photos I've seen) are little adorable. Love the photo where the little one is munching away. Looks like a good time and full belly was had by all!

  2. Yes Lisa Michelle, Duck fat might be the perfect little place for you- it's in Portland, Maine. We're here until Wednesday, and if you're anywhere nearby, we have a date. For the rest of the non=vacation year, you have an eternal, guest of honor invitation to my kitchen in Massachusetts. And I think enough duck fat might just heal that broken heart a bit- it could act something like Elmer's glue, don't you think?

  3. It is rather uncanny that The Northampton Contingent indulged in the *very same* duck fat poutine at Le Canard Libéré in Montréal on the *very same* day. Hmm.