Thursday, January 28, 2010

bread with butter, radishes, and salt

I'm lamenting the fact that I have no radishes. I'm hoping that maybe you have some radishes.
If you do, will you help me out here?

Will you cut a few slices of bread and slather them with a little too much butter? Will you slice up those radishes and spread them on top, and then give them just a little sprinkle of coarse salt?
As long as someone's eating this, I'll feel better, even if it's not me.

I need some fancy food, and this would do just the trick.
I am not having a fancy day. I am too in my head, achy in my body, and not quite up for it. This morning I arose ten minutes later than I should have, and the world just about fell apart. No one had what they needed, hairbrushes were flying through the air, and I spilled tuna juice all over myself. That's right, tuna juice.
But they got into the car, survived the snowy drive to school, and I went about trying to prove to myself that I was, actually, up for it.
I cleaned the house. I matched up the girls socks so that they would actually have pairs to choose from. I called the humidifier company to find out what that whirring sound is. I did three loads of laundry, including one of wool things. I thought about the possibilities that life holds, about some other slower existence where I sip coffee and I eat radishes and bread and butter, and I actually chew.
So why bread with butter and radishes and salt? Well, as I said, fancy. And French. And crunchy and salty and wonderful. And beautiful even. Does that answer your question?
The other day I put a plateful in front of my sister. "I don't know what they're feeding you over there," I said to her. "But eat this." She was having a day that she wasn't quite up for either, and I like to think that the radishes helped.
It's the little things, I think.
I hope so, because now I don't have any, and that brings us back to our current predicament.
Report back. Tell me about how they were. Tell me everything, as it might be days before I get to the store again.


  1. they did help, alana, and they were really good. just next time i don't think they should be with that was iris soda bread, right? too salty. otherwise, WONDERFUL!!!!


    Saturday. Lunch. It's on.

  3. I introduced my meat and potatoes husband to radish sandwiches when he took them on a fishing trip and shared with his friend. He left the house skeptical but came back proud--his friend said I was a unique and elegant cook. All that from a few garden-grown radishes, toast, butter, and salt! Sometimes I use cucumbers instead of radish, too. Thanks for the reminder, I will be salivating until May when I can pluck them from my garden :)

  4. Luckily, they can go in the ground early, right Jackie?