Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's almost six, and the girls are still playing outside. Rosie's boot is filled with snow, but she doesn't care. Today, our work party friends came over for some planning, and my friend Jen slipped me a bag.
"Look what's growing in the greenhouse. There's dinner."
I have a cold, but I know if I could breathe in, it would smell good. Not just the greens, the air, and the mud, and everything.
And there's something else.

I'm going on a little trip on Tuesday.
Don't worry, I'm taking you with me.
How about...

We'll be cooking at home tomorrow, but after that, I can't even say what will be on the menu. Well, I can say that Joey and the girls will be having burritos, and grilled cheese, and noodles and sauce. Anyone who wants to come by and cook them some kale is my hero. As for what I'll be eating, I really have no idea. Except I've hear that it might involve baklava, and some sort of fried cheese, and maybe some lamb.
But tonight, it's Jen's greens. A good send off, I think.


  1. ooh how exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!!

  2. i love you. will miss you! <3