Wednesday, June 16, 2010

monterey chevre

Going somewhere new can be a little scary. It's like walking into the first day of kindergarten, and you're not quite sure where you're supposed to hang your sweatshirt or what shelf you are supposed to put your lunch on. You think you remember where the bathroom is, but you're not entirely sure and so you hold it all morning.

I know how it is. Even after you find out that you can get your favorite goat cheese for so much less money and with so much more pleasure if you just stop by the farm, it's just hard to make the first visit alone. What if you walk in the wrong door? What if you go at the wrong time? What if you just don't know the secret handshake?

So let's do it together.

This is Rawson Brook Farm in Monterey, MA. They make only one product, that is, really fantastic goat cheese.

They are tucked in right off New Marlborough Road, which is the right hand turn just a bit after the Monterey library, which is never open except on Saturday nights and a few other odd hours. The road is paved, and then it is not, and it goes over a little bridge and veers to the left and then you are there. Park in the first little parking area. Do not drive up to the cheese shed, because it pisses off the goats.

You may say hello to the goats, and they will very likely be happy to see you, although fairly laid back and non-committal about it, as goats tend to be.

Follow the road up towards the little cheese shed. On your right you will see lots and lots of chives and garlic and thyme. Think about which of those you are most excited about, because you are about to be forced into a decision. That is, unless you have been wise enough to bring enough money for two containers of cheese.

This is the shed. The second door is yours to open. You will know that you are in the right place by the shiny refrigerator.

Open it up.

And it is time to decide. This is a very personal decision, but if you are the type who likes a little input, I'll tell you that I never buy the plain. I like herbs with my cheese. I always buy the big container, because it is a better deal and the little one will be gone before the day is out. And as for whether I go for the olive oil and thyme or the garlic and chive...

it really depends on the day. You're good either way, I promise.

Don't forget to pay for your cheese. Leave money in the basket.

And you are on your way.

Now you have done it and you know just where to go. After a visit or two, the newness will have faded, and you will know the goats' names. Hell, the goats will know your name. You might even have a secret handshake.

But even better, you will have cheese.


  1. the most delicious chevre!

    I prefer it plain so I can add what I want - and small containers are great to give to friends...
    dunno about spreading the word as the pace is so quiet, beautiful and peaceful crowds are the last thing one would hope to find there...


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