Tuesday, November 23, 2010

turkeys and apples

We were going to have a big Thanksgiving, like last year. It is, after all my favorite holiday, and I can't think of anything better cooking for it.  We invited a few folks and more were thinking about it.  We do it up around here.
And then, I changed my mind.  This is a rare thing for me, that I actually see that that something is a bad idea ahead of time.  I've got my hands full elsewhere, and I can't just do Thanksgiving half way.  Next year, it's going to be wicked.  And this year, I canceled Thanksgiving.  Except not really, because we'll go over to the farm with my parents and we'll still get a chance to be thankful for all sorts of things.  Like potatoes, and pie, and cranberry sauce.  And we've promised the girls that they can watch Star Wars for the very first time.
So now it's Tuesday and people are asking me for Thanksgiving recipes, and I'm not on top of it.  But yesterday after school Sadie came into the kitchen, and she said, "even though we're not having people over, can we decorate anyway?"
Yes!  And the girls started shuffling around secretly and grabbing the tape roll and other random things, and I didn't pay attention.  I was just happy that they weren't screaming at each other or screaming at me, which has been the norm recently.  Joey got home and we had dinner and I got ready for my selectboard meeting.  And then I went into the living room to say goodbye before the meeting, and I saw them.  Turkeys.
And apples.
Oh yeah.  Martha, eat your heart out.
Thankful!  Thankful!  Thankful!

You all know what you're cooking this week, right?  I'm far to late to the table to be helpful, I'm sure, but I'm here anyway, and so I thought I'd at least bring up a few of my favorite things to eat on this day of all days.  So if you've got a whole in the menu and you need a little push, I might not be cooking this year, but I'm still here!  Here we go...

salads and sides:


I hope you're right where you want to be this week, and cooking and/or eating the things that make you happy.  
                                                                                                                                                             Fall Fest is coming to a close this week.  It's been quite a party, but we're out with a bang with lots of fabulous bounty and things to be so thankful for.  Here's the line up around here, but yes!  pipe in with what you're cooking, or just what's making you happy....

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  1. Way to go Alana! It's good for us hostess-types to remember the joys (and ease!) of being the guest once in a while. Though I do have to say I'm missing my own messy, yummy kitchen this Thanksgiving. S. Yanni

  2. OK Jon and I are laughing our butts off at the turkeys and apples!! Those r the best decorations EVER!!!