Friday, December 3, 2010

carrot salad

I've got the blahs tonight. A little bit grumpy, grumpy about being grumpy, you know how it goes.  The girls were home with me today because it was parent conferences and we went down to town, and we walked from town hall to the hardware store and held hands and every three steps we all jumped into the air together.  That was the best part of my day and it was pretty great. 
But sometimes a mood sticks, and I just have to wait it out.  And for now I feel blah, and maybe one of the reasons why is that all I have to tell you about is carrot salad.
It's not that it isn't good--it is!  My friends Jen and Pete gave us a whole cooler full of carrots, and it's been carrots for lunch and dinner and sometimes for breakfast too. And of course it's stew time, and carrots are plenty useful, but it turns out that carrot salad is my favorite thing to do when the carrots are this good. I've never been a carrot stick kind of girl, and it's a shame to cook something so imbibed with earthly perfection.

Sadie told me that tomorrow is National Cookie Baking Day, and I'm taking her word for it.  I'm guessing we'll have exciting things to talk about then.  Who knows what she'll pick?  Right now she's waffling between pistachio shortbread, walnut crescents, and ruggala.  All fine options, I'd say.

But tonight, it's carrot salad for you.  Good for your eyes, and your soul.  And easy peasy.
Grab a handful of carrots.  Peel them if you like.  Grate them in your cuisinart or do a dance with your box grater if you prefer.  Whip up a little dressing in a measuring cup of olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Add a squeeze of orange of you've got it.  Keep mixing and adjusting until it tastes good to you.  Go out into the cold night and grope around for some half frozen parsley.  Chop that, toss with carrots and dressing.  Eat.  Leftovers will be good tomorrow too.  To eat with your cookies.

Happy Friday friends.


  1. Alana,
    Do you have a recipe for some kind of cornmeal-rosemary cake? I know I'v e seen it somewhere, and the family I'm cooking for just got 5 lbs of cornmeal in their winter share. Hope all's well and I can't wait to see you so so soon.
    Sarah Y.

  2. I've got just the half-frozen parsley for this recipe...:) I'm thinking the squeeze of orange is the secret ingredient in there, though!

    Hope the blahs pass quickly.

  3. Yes, Sarah that quince polenta rosemary cake from a few weeks ago is great... you can do it with pears too. It's here: