Thursday, March 10, 2011

let's start now (that's right, a giveaway!)

I feel like celebrating.
I'd bring out the champagne, except that I'm not actually quite finished with the book yet.  I'm waiting for the girls to get into pajamas so I can get settled in for the night, but in the last twenty minutes, Sadie has managed to take only one arm out of her shirt.  Rosie succeeded in taking all of her clothes, but then she put them back on again backwards and is calling them her pajamas.
We're getting there.
But even though I've got a few more days of work on this thing, I'm ready to celebrate now.  I'm almost there--I'm just checking for commas and spaces and making sure that I wrote "farmers market" instead of "farmer's market" every time.  I'm so close. Let's start now.
Because I'm thinking the secret to these days might just be more celebrating!  There are plenty of excuses.  Like, it's Thursday night!  And less than two weeks until Spring!  And my parents and Maia moved in and it's working out wonderfully!  Even the cats are getting along!
Any good celebration involves a present or two, so I asked my friend Caroline if she she would help out.  She's an artist, and she makes some of my favorite jewelry. She's doing some pieces with bakelite right now that might just have to be my end of book splurge.  Last year, Joey bought me a Caroline necklace for my birthday, and it's the only necklace I wear.  It's a little pearl that looks like a bird on wire, and it's up there in that photo on top of my draft.  I thought they'd like to pose together, that necklace and that draft. They're celebrating together.
So the good news is that Caroline said Yes! She said that she would love to give a $40 to one of you to spend in her etsy store.  She's always up for a celebration, that Caroline. 
So if you're up for one too, let me know! Are you celebrating?  What's your excuse?
I'll keep the comments open until, Tuesday March 15 at midnight.  I'll finish my book by that night, and then I'll announce the winner.  So let's do it! Let's get started!


  1. Congratulations, Alana! So happy for you. You deserve the champagne.

    And hey, I'm celebrating. Just decided (and announced via FB, so it's really official) that I finally finished my short film "All in the Game", and it just got into both the Boston International Film Festival and Kansas City FF ...
    So after a few long years of post-production, my baby is out in the world, going to festivals, I have a producer's rep meeting with some foreign sales companies, and hey, it's Thursday!

    (And just today I was listening to a director I used to work with talk about his film ("Savage Grace") in which Julianne Moore played the wife of the heir to the Bakelite fortune ...) And BTW, your friend's jewelry is lovely.

  2. Okay then! I'm celebrating because I just gave my first-ever serious, official reading as a poet. And I didn't spontaneously combust or mangle anything--I took a really really deep breath and read those poems like they were the gift I have to give the world. Which, as I read, I thought, 'they are.'

    Also, the very first crocus (today! buttercup gold!).

    So happy for your proofreading, near-champagne moment--we're all waiting on the other side to hold that book!

  3. I am celebrating! It is going to be 65 degrees here in Denver today and I'm getting to do a happy hour with some of my very favorite ladies. Now if only you were in town...

  4. My fiancée isn't scheduled for any flights this weekend. He's been gone almost the entire week, popping in for a moment here and there, then home only long enough to sleep. Two entire days together on what should be a beautiful weekend weather-wise -- I'll take it!



  5. Congrats Alana! That is so exciting!!!

    I just celebrated National Registered Dieititan Day on Wednesday and was surprised with flowers and chocolate from my co-workers. It made my day :)

  6. I'm celebrating new books! Mine, yours, anyone's. Not until recently did I feel what a major accomplishment it was to finish such a thing.

  7. i'm celebrating because we're finally getting down to the very important work of making babies. !.

  8. Congratulations! This is very exciting news for you, and you are totally deserving of a celebration!

    I am currently celebrating my new engaged status! hooray for weddings!

  9. Celebrating a friends' new job, which takes her out of state, and though I am heartbroken I am so happy/proud for/of her. Also doing my nearly Spring dance! Happy happy!

  10. Congratulations!

    I'm celebrating a trip to the part with the kiddo this morning - first time in 4 months it was warm and dry enough to be outside for more than 15 minutes without a hat!

    And I get to do work I love (after doing work I didn't love for a long time). A gift from myself and my family that is nothing if not cause to celebrate.

  11. What a great milestone in your life. I am looking forward to reading your work on the page, tho I love you dearly right here in cyberspace.
    I'm celebrating, because after seven months of increasing suffering and intense anxiety, I resigned from my job! I thought I could make it to the end of the schoolyear, and then it became abundantly clear that I couldn't. Now... I am making pizza dough, walking to pick up my boys from school, sleeping at night, and actually seeing the day. It is such a transformation, and all it took was the courage to let go.
    Our little family is on the mend, after such a difficult time. WAHOOOOO! I don't have to go back there! ever!

  12. I am celebrating leaving money and security behind for happiness.
    I am celebrating the realization that the worst things that happen in our lives often lead to the best things.
    I am celebrating Evacuation day, in Texas, with a keg of green beer.

  13. Congrats Alana!!! Yay for you and all that you do:)

    We are celebrating our little Ella who just started walking and has turned from baby to toddler almost over night. Of course this mama is a bit sad but really looking forward to the next phase in our daughters' life.
    I am also celebrating this very moment. The kids are asleep, the house is quiet and Jon is working on a project, which leaves me..ALONE (with a bowl of ice cream) YAY!

  14. I am celebrating time to breathe. sneaking in moment to think and reflect into the chaos that is my life.

    congrats. can't wait to read it!

  15. After quite a long time trying....I am celebrating 3 *postive* tests in 3 weeks...I am finally letting myself start thinking about what will happen in 9ish months :)
    Congrats on the book, and Spring, and life!

  16. I'm celebrating my engagement and obsessively planning a wedding, down to every last DIY detail! And I'm celebrating faith, for my fiance and I to find teaching jobs within the next year.

    Congratulations to you! Can't wait for the book to be on Amazon! :)

  17. I'm celebrating because after being out of work for 9 months, my husband found a job and in the last week, we've moved to another state, rented an adorable house and bought a car.
    Congrats on finishing your book.

  18. I am celebrating because i am finally signing all my divorce papers tomorrow! Another level of this process completing and letting go of old parts of myself and of finding new parts of myself, especially my passion. Passion for music, dance, being a vibrant person and lots of laughter.
    I am also celebrating you and your completion of your book. I am so excited for you and proud of you Alana!

  19. I am celebrating because I'm in Burkina Faso and today the Burkinabe people are celebrating their civil right to protest a corrupt, de facto president-for-life, and the human rights abuses he performs or permits. It could amount to more freedoms, a violent crackdown, or nothing at all. But for the morning, at least, they are powerful!

    Oh yeah, and I'm in love for the first time. Don't you know it's going to last?

  20. PS Alana, thanks for forcing us to think celebratory thoughts, to recognize milestones! And congrats on yours!

  21. Mazel tov! on finishing the book. I look forward to it, and to whatever your next project is.

    I suppose you know the Leonard Cohen song, 'Bird on a Wire', right?

    As celebrations go, it's fairly minor, but I'm having lunch today with a friend from high school whom I haven't seen in over twenty years.

  22. Wonderful news that the cats get along! (Oh, yeah, and about the book and about Jamie, Chris and Maia have moved in.)

    I'm celebrating for you and your book, since I have three more weeks on my current job, and I will be done with seven 12+ hours a day for a while (a few days anyway!)

    Just make sure we all know where we can buy it when it is published.


  23. Great news! I can't wait to get your book in my hands! I guess the thing I'm mostly celebrating these days is getting through the first winter without my dad. Spring is in the air in Denver, which is wonderful. I've never been much of a fan of winter, but with spring, I feel hope.

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