Monday, May 16, 2011

what rosie found

Rosie finds the most amazing things.

Her eyes are different than ours--we can look all over the house for something that we have lost, and then it is always Rosie who finds it.

"Yup," she says. "I'm a good finder."

In the woods, she is always lagging behind, and when she finally catches up, she is adorned with feathers, pockets filled with magical acorns and translucent rocks.

And did she eat her treasures?

What do you think?

(More for me.)


  1. I'm so envious of your morels! I was walking in a park a few weeks ago and I could swear I could smell the mushrooms, but I couldn't see any. I'll have to look harder next time. Congratulations on your find!

  2. Rose is magic. So are mushrooms, but not is that hippy way. You'd be so proud, Alana, I'm actually EATING them now- and *only* a few decades older than Rosie. See, didn't take long at all.

  3. Do I have your permission to reblog one of these pictures on my fungi-love blog? (