Monday, August 8, 2011


 Okay, so some of you might be in cities all filled with food trucks and exciting Mexican Food, and really the only question for you is, "What fantastic fish taco will I eat today?"

That's not quite where we are. But last week, the family hopped in the car and drove to Hudson, and we got our fill.

This is Tortillaville. Nothing fancy. Really good tacos.  A very welcoming front door.

We had exactly 17 bucks on us, which fed us all.

We live in a small town, and it's easy to get in a rut. It's nice to be able to hop over the state line and see different scenery. And I'd give this place all my stars (however many I have to give) if you happen to be passing through Hudson, NY.  Which you should, I might add, for many reasons.

And I have to ask, have you discovered any fabulous little places lately? Something around the corner? Or down the road?  No need for it to be around me... maybe I'll be passing through one of these days.


  1. Hudson is such a cute little town.

    A Mexican food truck (burritos, I believe) has been skulking around here in Williamstown, of all places. My plan is to check it out on Thursday.

  2. Ha, Boston just started food trucks and the first thing I had was a fish taco....

  3. It might make you all laugh but I found a good hamburger joint...they're really really hard to come by here in France!!!
    But i'd exchange that and much more for some good mexacain food!!!