Saturday, May 9, 2009

things that are growing

Well, it was the horrible metal cabinets in my kitchen that everyone loves vs. me, and the cabinets won. I got quite a lump on my head and can't seem to think of the words for anything. Don't worry- I went to the doctor and I won't be pulling a Natasha Richardson any time soon, but I just can't count on myself to be witty at the moment, so I thought I'd give you the relatively silent tour of the garden that I've been promising.

This is the new raspberry patch, so lovingly created by my dear friends, Jen and Pete.

Here are the vegetables so far, slowly making their way.

Oh, yes, the compost palace in it's home.

And the orchard, protected by it's lovely fence. My neighbor asked if we've got any POWs over here, but I love my fence.

Because soon (in my ideal world, of course) there will be peas and morning glories climbing up it. I swear there is a pea shoot growing out of here- can you see it?

More Fruit trees...

And the gingko that Molly and Aurel planted before moving to Istanbul.
and miraculous garlic!

I'll check back in again when the words come back later. In the mean time, I'm maybe failing at making ricotta, and I made something else that I'll tell you about if it tastes good. I'll give you a hint.
Until then...

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  1. awww, i'm sorry you konked your noggin. hope you feel better sweets.
    i love the idea of the *peas*, joy! as much as i love morning glories too, might they overwhelm the teeny tiny peas?