Saturday, April 17, 2010

while I was away

Yesterday, I found these videos on my computer. It seems that this was what Joey and the girls were up to when I was on my trip.

I wasn't going to post them up here, but then I just watched them again.

Yes, I know, this is my family, and maybe I find them funnier than you do.
But I thought that you might need a laugh as much as I do tonight, and maybe, perhaps, just possibly, this might provide one for you.

Yup, they eat better when I'm around, but when Daddy's in charge, life looks like this.


  1. that is all kinds of awesome- i need that song, guys.

  2. soooo funny!!! made me super happy baby ba ba bo bo bobo

  3. Cea posted the last comment, and the last clip is unreal. If you ever have a cooking show/podcast Alana...that's how it would have to start.