Monday, April 12, 2010

the word

Did you know that Shakespeare made up the word, "uncomfortable"?

It's quite a thing to be able to create a word that really conveys what it sets out to convey, a word that holds meaning in its rhythm and its construction.

Sadie's turning into a word-maker herself.

The other day, experiencing the joy and frenzy of spending her Amazon gift card that her grandma had sent for her birthday, Sadie created the word, "addtocart." It's a verb, like, "Oh yeah, I'm totally going to addtocart that brainquest workbook."

Works, doesn't it?

But that's not the best one. For Sadie's birthday, she requested a chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. I made a mayonnaise chocolate cake (surprisingly ordinary!) and whipped a bit of raw cream for the filling. There were three layers, and the whipped cream didn't quite hold it all in place.

"Yikes," I said as I put it on the table so that Sadie could decorate it with a big 7. "That's a little precarious."

"What does precarious mean?" she asked.

"Like, it's going to topple right over, " Joey answered.

"Yes," she agreed, as she put the candies on the tilting cake. "Totally eprecarious."

I kid you not. I give you the best word in the world. One more time.


Eat it before it falls, baby. Eat it before it falls.

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