Monday, April 25, 2011

best of the butter lambs

I never quite know what to do with Easter.  Usually we get invited to some egg hunt or other and we eat some chocolate, but yesterday we woke up, and the girls said, "Isn't it Easter?" and we said, "Yes! Let's eat eggs!"
And so we did. It was not our finest holiday moment.
Last year, we celebrated with the butter lamb, and that made me feel quite festive.  Marya came and taught us how to turn butter into art (or rather, lambs), and the holiday was joyous and covered in butter. I swore that I would carve a lamb from butter every year, even though I am neither Catholic nor Polish.
Yesterday, I forgot about the butter lamb. I guess the tradition just isn't in my blood.  Next year.
But today, on this day after the holiday, I thought we'd do a little something special, so that we all can experience the joy of the butter lamb.
Our first butter lamb came home with Joey when he taught Marya's daughter years ago.  We marveled and cooed over it, and wondering what its story was, we did some research.
That is one fabulous thing to google.  And to lift my spirits (as it did then too) I googled that lamb today.
Here it is... the best of the butter lambs.

This is from Patti at Comfy Cuisine.  I love the parsley in the mouth.  It's a "grass fed" butter lamb.

 Here's a beauty from the St. Andrew's Ukranian Orthodox ladies auxilliary.  And another, maybe my favorite, the modern art butter lamb from Joeware:

Then of course, there is the high end, groomed butter lamb, courtesy of the New York Folklore Society.
And the lovely "lamb among the iceberg lettuce" from DzyneLab SpookyDaffodils:

And, although a little intense, the "final" butter lamb from All About Being Inspired:
(love the nostrils on this one)
There are thousands of butter lambs out there, and today, I'd guess the remnants of them are being spread on toast.  But I have to finish here with the first butter lamb that ever came into my house, the one that Marya made for Joey.  I was just looking through google images, and my eye caught on this image, and I thought, now there is a beautiful butter lamb.  Witness, "butter lamb with pea shoots":

Oh, Butter Lamb!  You are truly divine.  
Happy Monday, friends. 


  1. I just caught up on a load of your posts -- sucha great pictures and recipes! I remember the butter lambs from your Easter last year -- looks like something I might try next year.

    All the best to your family!

  2. Wow, what an idea, I have never seen anything like this before, and so much fun to do with the children, we made our own easter goodies this year, maybe we might try something like this next year.. Well done.
    Off to google some more info now... :)

  3. I have never heard of this, but it is all kinds of awesome! Thanks for sharing.