Tuesday, February 24, 2009

home again

So I've been back not quite 24 hours, and I'm a little sick, a little jetlagged, and a little fragile. I have a few culinary and other adventures to report from my travels, but the words just aren't coming. So I wait, and I say, the words will come, but the truth is that when I step away from here for too long, I feel a little sad. So, I'll tell you this. In the midst of the working, I was walking. And miraculously, in the midst of all the expensive shoes and handbags, there was something I really support spending money on, cupcakes.
Now I've read about how cupcake bakeries are all the rage in LA, and the whole thing seems a little too cute for me, but as my walking partner and I passed this especially famous cupcakery, I thought, Come on, let's be cute and trendy just this once for adventure's sake. And my little walking partner was totally game.

She picked the double chocolate, and I went with the recommended red velvet. She definitely won, because I forgot that I hate red velvet cupcakes. But this one was pretty good anyway.

And yes, I have more stories. Especially one about stealing lemons. But you'll have to check back again for that one.

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