Monday, September 28, 2009

of denver, and the wedding

Okay, do you see how it looks like I'm naked in this picture?

Are you wondering why I would be naked in a ballroom, eating a cappuccino cupcake?
Oh, come on, I'm not giving that one away. Keep wondering.
But yes, Denver was just that wild. Joey has an alter-ego out there. When I first met him in Santa Fe, I had an inexplicable desire to call him "Jo-AY!" with the second syllable shouted across a crowded room. I told Eilen that I could never be his friend because he had too many already. (luckily, he had room for one more) But that's who he is out there, name shouted across countless crowded rooms.
So when we planned to go to Denver for barely two days, and when we decided to leave the girlies at home, I knew I was in for it.
And I was. One of Joey's very dearest friends had finally found a lady, and we spent the weekend gearing up for the knot-tying. And because I was on the arm of Jo-AY!, our schedule was full. I'm lucky that such lovely people love him so much, and because I wasn't running after the girls at the zoo like our other Denver trips, I was able to be there for every minute of it. No sleep, flowing coffee, middle of the night diners, beat poetry readings with his dad, and actually dancing. It was like being sixteen, only it was a lot better because I was happy. And you know what the best part of it all was? Getting out of the car with Joey, grabbing hands, and running down the street to our next destination. Running fast. We barely even took the time to close the car door. For those of you who have not yet reproduced, this highlight might puzzle you. But for the rest of you, you know where I'm coming from, right?
I guess this is a food blog, and honestly, I don't have much to say there. Denver food and I have never really had the urge to go out together. But of course there's green chile, so I stick to that, and it never disappoints. Morning one:

Morning two:
Although maybe I should have tried the fruity pebble pancake at Toast. Baby Israel seemed to be in to it.

And of course, there was the wedding.

I think that you can't beat a good homegrown wedding between two people who you can tell will actually stay married.

There's nothing like being let in on something like that. It was a really good weekend.


  1. You are both gorgeous, you are both Jo-AY, and I LOVE this post. Smooches to you.

  2. Oh, thanks Paige. Nice to think I've got a bit of Jo-AY too...

  3. So next time you are in Denver and not on a crazy booked tour, we can go for leisure lunches and dinners at fabulous seasonal/local food places. You can't trust Jo-AY's version of food in Denver, he hasn't lived here for years and when he did live here he had taste buds of a teenager (a expert on pizza, middle eastern, diners, and chili, but not very advanced.)Denver might not be NYC but it is still a food town.

  4. and I know a great middle-eastern place to prove it.

  5. Okay, Sam- we're on. As long as there is no late night middle eastern food in the mix.