Tuesday, September 29, 2009

on husk cherries

These are husk cherries.

No need to be afraid of them. In fact go straight towards them. They have many names, ground cherries, cape gooseberries, strawberry tomatoes. They are oddly related to the tomatillo, and they grow on a similar plant. But whatever you want to call them, let's just call them tasty.
I could give you recipes- they certainly exist. You could do a salad, a pie, or maybe a jam. But I don't think that you'll get that far. So here's my advice.

Take it out of the husk. Eat. Repeat.


  1. Friend network convergence! My friend Cathy of the food blog "Not Eating Out in New York" posted something on husk/ground cherries today:


  2. Oops, sorry, that last comment was from me, if you didn't already figure that out.

  3. funny! we must be kindred souls, not eating out and all...