Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sadie's summer

Since the new camera has come into our lives, the old camera has been usurped by the girls. It is an endlessly entertaining activity for them, taking pictures of goofy faces and each other's butts. But once in a while, one of them has an artistic moment, and that girl will get a dazed look on her face, and she'll pick up the camera and walk out the back door as if possessed.
Today I unloaded all of these pictures on to the computer and saw them for the first time. And besides their tendency to make everything look like a French brothel with their goofy faces (where do they get this stuff?), I was really taken by some of the photos. Sadie had taken a little series in the late summer, seemingly desperate to capture herself amidst her environment on film.

She has captured summer in the backyard in such an exquisite way. One of the qualities of four-season living is the act of missing the seasons that are not there at the moment. Although the autumn began just yesterday, it is so clearly not summer anymore. It was warm and humid today, but the light, it's unmistakably fall light. And seeing Sadie's summer makes me miss it, even though I love the fall the best.

It's not that I wish it were summer. I just like missing things. Especially when I can hope to have them again.


  1. Hi Alana! I heart your blog! I love these photos in the grass-there is an ethereal quality about them. And I like how you said you just like to miss things--I know that feeling well! Thanks for adding my babywranglin' blog to your blogroll--how did you find me? ~Mattie

  2. Oh, thanks Mattie! I was in Santa Fe for four years myself, and I find that your words and images particularly capture what I miss about New Mexico. Erin passed your blog along to me- she thought I would enjoy it and she was very right. So thanks for passing along a bit of New Mexico- and I’m happy to meet you….

  3. I love their pictures! We, too, have some interesting feet, shadow and other sundry kids'-eye view of the world images. Love them all...except I will admit that blurry pics of the dog are clogging my hard drive almost as much as her fur clogged the vacuum today....