Thursday, October 22, 2009


Somehow I knew it was going to be... a day. I felt it already and went outside as the kids got into the car- I tried to catch the light.

And it was a day. But in my wildest optimism, I think that that moment of morning stuck around.

Because all day, I somehow summoned the power to take a breath, and I must admit I can't always do this. But in the tornado that the day became, I managed to give each girl a kiss on their little lips before bed. We had peppery pasta carbonara with poached eggs for dinner, which made me a bit ill but also nourished my soul.

A few minutes after the girls went to bed, Rosie's best friend called. This was a special occurrence, and so Joey went back into their room so Rosie could talk for a moment. But she was fast asleep and unresponsive to Joey's excited whispers.

I figure a four year old who is at peace enough to fall asleep in 30 seconds is an indicator of something going right. Either that, or she's as exhausted as I am from this day.

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  1. I know what you mean about carrying that morning stillness with you into the rest of the day. So glad you paused to collect some light. These photographs are beautiful.