Friday, November 13, 2009

coffee for you

This is my Chemex coffee maker. I found it when I lived in Santa Fe and I proceeded to become a much more committed coffee drinker. It was just so pretty, and it makes a damn fine cup of coffee. Oddly enough, Chemex coffee makers are made about 15 miles from where I live now, in Pittsfield.
This lovely thing was invented in 1941 by a chemist in search of creating perfect coffee without any bitterness, scientifically. He made scientific coffee. And so do I.
I really like giving things away. When I was a kid, I used to regularly wrap up my crayons and give them to my mother just to feel the joy of giving them to her. I shove books and jam into people's hands as they leave my house- I'm a little compulsive.
I woke up today needing, NEEDING to give something to you. You've all been so great this week, with your encouraging words and recipe suggestions. I feel this amazing wall of support behind me- I don't even know how to thank you. But I can start to try.

Last year, Joey found a Chemex at a tag sale. For those of you who don't know him, Joey is a tag sale wizard. He comes home with the most astounding finds. But he found this chemex, brand new. I have no idea who would have let go of such a gem.
But I already have one, so I'm giving the new one away. It's the larger size, 8-10 cup, but you can make one cup in it if you like. I'll even thrown in some special chemex filters. I'll pack it up and send it out, and then you will make scientific, fancy coffee.
To be entered in this little giveaway, I ask only one thing. Leave a comment, and tell me how you feel about coffee, in LESS THAN FIVE WORDS. You have till the end of the weekend, and I'll announce the winner on Monday, so be sure to check back in then.
I'll start. How do I feel about coffee?

reason to get up.

Now your turn.


  1. I'm going to enter, but before I start thinking about my entry, I just want to confirm: by "LESS THAN FIVE WORDS", you mean 'four or fewer words', yes? Thanks.
    Michael Schneider

  2. "Warmth for wintry weather"
    Just found your blog--love it!

  3. "morning lifeblood - evening composure"

    I had to enter. You had me at 'scientific coffee'. :)

  4. Someone probably gave it away at a tag sale because they didn't know what to do with it!

    I think it's beautiful and will throw in my four words for a chance to drink even more and better coffee (how fun!):

    Coffee, noun: mental treadmill

  5. 5 Words or fewer..

    Milk NO, Sugar NO...Perfect

    (PS) I love your blog, it makes me smile.

  6. One word:


    Give me coffee maker...
    I am a monster...
    Come to steal your coffee.

  7. I don't think I ever truly appreciated coffee until I became pregnant and couldn't have it. But I can have it again, so here it goes:

    Awake all night. Coffee = survival.

  8. I would like to enter for my wonderful hubby Jon who loves coffee. He uses a french press and I have read that the cholesterol levels can be quite high. It would be great to try something different. Since he is the writer and I am so not, here are his 4 words...

    ~Dark goddess's persistent concoction ~

  9. the morning alchemist's 'aqua vitae'

    d o n o

  10. better than green chile

  11. Hi Alana,
    I didn't mean to post that last one as anonymous, thought I was signed in. Anyway, "better than green chile" is from Sara and Tony. We love your blog!

  12. Oh man, am I too late? I would be honored to own such a device, especially if it had been touched by both you and the guy who found it at the tag sale.

    "dark delicious bitter black brew"

    I am very excited to have just found your blog. I love food and reading, so this will keep me entertained for quite a while. Hope all is well.

  13. No Paul... not too late! Putting names in a hat as we speak.

  14. Now that it's the grey season in Portland:
    Between cold hands, fragrant refuge.

    Alana. There you are. I read many of your posts before realizing just whose blog this was. And though it was somewhat accidental and coincidental, i had your salon challenge in mind while preparing for the 12-person dinner party last night. We had placemarkers, mixing our people well. Our food theme was from the country of northwest autumn: chanterelles, butternut squash, wild rice, celeriac, apples. And the last of the windowsill-ripened tomatoes from the garden. We played an exquisite corpse game afterwards.

    Perhaps that is not fully thematic. But hello, hello.


  15. I'm probably wayyyy too late to be a contender but wanted to comment anyway, as I love your blog and am so intrigued by that coffeemaking gizmo. Soooo on behalf of sleep deprived med students and residents everywhere: Coffee saves patients' lives daily.


  16. Who won? Who won? Was it a random draw, or was the quality of the submission factored into the decision? What about the lifelong love of coffee exhibited by the contestant? Or how many gallons of coffee you personally witnessed that person consume in math class? Shouldn't that be a factor?

  17. It's you Paul! I know how devoted you are to coffee, but really, Joey just pulled your name out of a hat. Send me an email, so I can put together your package....