Saturday, November 21, 2009

late night soup

Did you know this ginger trick? That ginger will shed its peel without argument if you take a spoon to it?
Remember it. You'll need it tomorrow.
Tonight I'm making soup. It's late, Joey's got a fever again after a week of health, and I'm making soup for a work party tomorrow. He's sad and sick in the bedroom and I'm in the kitchen, sad for him, listening to the horrible folk show that plays on the public radio station on Saturday nights. I'm no enemy to folk, but this is really bad stuff. I think I'm trying to punish myself a bit, maybe so I can feel Joey's pain. Or maybe I'm a little bit comforted by the horrible folk show for reasons that confound me. Who knows, but I'm having trouble turning it off. And the lighting in the kitchen seems to be getting dimmer and dimmer. I've just had a chopping injury, and so now I'm taking a break, typing with one hand. My Saturday is just a little bit funny, don't you think?

I'm making a soup that I've been creating in my mind for a few days now. I'll tell you about it tomorrow if it's good, but make sure you have some ginger handy so you can be ready. And a spoon. And I guess, if you're following my lead, a band aid.


  1. Saturdays are not supposed to go like that! Sorry to hear about the relapse. It is so frustrating and exhausting to have an illness drag on and on. And chopping injury... ouch!

    I made soup few weeks back and the ginger made the texture sort of stringy with a non pleasant crunch. I don't know if that is normal for ginger or was I doing it wrong. I am really new to using it and so pretty clueless, but I do love its taste. Hope your soup ends up soothing and delicious and that your weekend improves!

  2. How did you prepare it? I find that grating is definitely the way to go- otherwise you'll get a spicy crunch.

  3. Grating would have made a huge difference. I didn't even think to do it that way. I just chopped it up and assumed it would get soft when it was sauteed and simmered. Thanks!