Saturday, November 28, 2009

nikki mcclure

I'm like a baked potato chip today- a little fragile and a little crispy.
I'm throwing a bunch of things in a pot for a soup to soothe Joey's throat, and I have no idea how it will taste, so I sure as hell am not going to try to pass that off as a recipe today, just so I have something to write about.
Unless it's really good, and then we never had this conversation.
So instead of food, let's talk about art.

A friend of Joey's gave us our first Nikki McClure calendar, maybe six or seven years ago. Nikki McClure is an artist out of the Pacific Northwest who makes papercut art with a whole lot of soul. Her images are certainly part of our family mythology- they tell stories that were already here with us before we saw them.

I love how accessible her art is. The heart of her work is recorded in her yearly calendar, and so it's something we all can afford and be part of. It's one of our favorite gifts to give, and it's been really nice over these past years to see her work spreading into the corners of the country. I like thinking about these images in so many homes. We've tracked down a few prints ourselves, and it seems that she has made her way into every corner of our house too.
The new calendar just arrived, and it makes the turn of the year feel that more real. I try not to look at the pages until the year begins, but from the cover, it looks just about right.

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