Friday, November 20, 2009

on the thanksgiving menu

Can you tell how excited about Thanksgiving I am?
I just love a holiday that has nothing to do with my religion, that refuses to be commercialized, and that produces crazy family stories.
I guess you could say that I am thankful for Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving helpline has continued to ring around here, and the side dish requests seem to be the most popular. What to bring over to the in-laws that will impress them and finally make them take you seriously? What sweet will be original, comforting, and provide an option for your children besides that corn syrup espresso pie your cousin always tries to get into them?

Let's just remember that this is a holiday about simplicity and gratitude. Don't roll your eyes at me! Let me be optimistic about a holiday for once. Thanksgiving stands out as a holiday based in produce, so I suggest starting there. Go find the freshest loveliest vegetable and do something to it that takes minimal effort. It's a good idea to try not to turn it brown, a common occurrence at Thanksgiving.

In the interest of efficiency, I offer you a list.

Vegetable Side Dishes:

Golden Brussels Sprouts- the is now the only way I make Brussels Sprouts, and if I had an endless supply, I would eat them like this every single night.

Delicata Chips- Oh, I already convinced you that these were a good thing, right?

Beet Salad- I do not roast my beets! Save the oven space.

Swiss Chard with Parmesan- For those who insist on something green besides brussels sprouts.

Roasted Vegetables- a classic.

Roasted Cauliflower- You have made this by now, right? I don't care that you don't like cauliflower. You will, you will.

And then there is the dessert question. No one is hungry by dessert time, but something's got to get the kids to eat their veggies.

Here are a few alternates to the requisite pies.

Pear pie- this one gets my vote. Maybe someone will bring one over to my house.

Chocolate Blocks with ginger and cranberries- This is a super easy recipe, and I think it's nice to have an option that offers just a bite of sweetness.

Buttermilk Spice Cake
- lovely on the sidetable. Leftovers for Breakfast.

Ginger Bread, and ginger bread- I'm sure if I say anything more about gingerbread, you'll start rolling your eyes again. Why so synical?

And of course, there's Indian Pudding.

The hotline's still open. Ask away. Watch out though. If you live close by, you might just get invited over here.

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