Thursday, July 16, 2009

3, 4, 5, 6

It's crazy over here today, in a good way. We have a few friends joining us at Camp Rosie today. We walked in to town, got some chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, and hiked back up the hill, motivated by the thought of the pitiful sprinkler waiting for us at home. Now the house is turned upside down, there are muddy footprints everywhere, and for some inexplicable reason, I'm baking. The crew, however, is working pretty well together. My friend Jen and I always joke that our kids are the funny ages that could be siblings in a closely spaced family, and days like today, it's, um, interesting (and terrifying!) to imagine that reality.

3 is volleying between extreme sanity and chaos. After flailing herself down the hill, she quietly observed on the way back up that "The way down is easy, but I think it is harder going up." Sad, but true.

4 is a sassafras (pain in my ass). She's a little bit in love with 5, and likes to show off how sassy she can be.
5 is helping out, and making sure everyone stops before they cross the street. He is also telling us what time it is, and is playing with the square root button on his calculator.

And 6 gets home from camp and takes it all in. She gets over everyone playing with her toys. And she eats a peach.


  1. I'm pretty pleased that there are calculators at Camp Rosie.

  2. Oh no, baby. We do the math in our heads over here.