Wednesday, July 22, 2009

undies giveaway!

Well, we've done it. Not only did we just have a little anniversary, but here we are at the (I'm teary just thinking about it) 100th post. Can you believe it? All the crazy meals we've been through together and we're still here.
As a token of my appreciation, I wanted to offer a little something to you. I've been searching for the right offering- I thought maybe I could get Joey to make you a little artistic thing, but you might be waiting for a while, and what I really want is to bake you a pie, but those don't send well. Then it came to me. My dear and fabulous friends Molly and Aurel are moho designs, and in their artistic and startlingly hip way that can only come from the collaboration between a cute Jewish textile genius with a penchant for work with middle eastern deaf orphans and a french graphic designer who can turn anything into something better, they have started a line of homegrown underwear. They also sell lots of other enticing items of clothing, but I have to say, right now, I am very excited about this underwear.

I think that these two might be my favorite, but there are a few more here. And yes, Molly and Aurel have so generously agreed to donate two pairs to the lucky winner (maybe you!).
So here's what you do. Go look at all the designs, and tell me your two favorites in a comment. On Saturday, July 25 at 8:00 pm EST (give or take a few minutes), I will randomly choose the winner. I'll announce it here, and then you'll have to email me to give me your info and size and everything.
Best of luck to you all....


  1. How cool! Congratulations on your anniversary and your 100th post. I tried your springtime pasta dish the other night and it was a hit. Great use of all the greens that are taking over the garden!!
    I love these two designs the best. Is this company based in Santa Fe?? I recognize one of their models. :)
    Lots of love to you, Joey and the girls!
    :) Ana

  2. Happy blogiversary! I only wish I'd found you sooner. That's what I get for avoiding Facebook for so long. I love the Fresh Eggs and the tomatoes. Though the above ones are awesome, too. Good design work!

  3. Congrats on 100 posts!

    Our garden is doing great, but it's hard to get ourselves to blog about it now that we are into our second year: it's like "oh, so we decided to put some asparagus in, so let's hope that works out... cucumbers are back again..."

    Hey can I enter on Suzi's behalf? If so, the tomatoes and the apple are her faves.

  4. what a wonderful blog you have created!
    thank you for your hard work and inspiration
    i love being able to peek regularly into your life
    i so wish we were able to see more of your sweet family...
    ps. the 'grow your own' and 'fresh' undies are my favorite

  5. yay! I love this blog! Hooray for 100! Or, as we like to say around here, a "hondo." I like the "eat local" best. It's so saucy. xoxo

  6. Congratulations! I like the "grow your own" best. For those of you who have seen my bikini line, there's no need to explain... Also I like the eggs, as a wink to Bataille. Sarah Y.

  7. I like the one with the tomatoes. I had my dinner party tonight and i think it went well! Will send you pictures soon since I don't know if anyone on my blog will care.
    Still daydreaming about moving to your town. Possibly visiting around Labor Day-- wanna come swimming in Otis?

  8. Hi Alana, its your sister in law , thought i'd bothered you enough on the phone, so i decided to email you instead well I finally got here (to your blog) ...what a beautiful thing you do this...thing that you do! wonderful recipes I plan to try a few
    Ive got massive amounts of basil, cinnamon, lemon and sweet growin is pesto the only thing to do ? is there a possible vegan alternative (without parm it just doesn't seem right) I'm not vegan but i've been having a summer off of dairy...any suggestions?
    oh would love to purchase some undies..he he
    and thanks for bein such aloving aunt to zion peace family
    keep growin
    love jes
    ps congrats on the 100!

  9. Hi Alana! I recenly found your blog since our husbands are friends from Colorado and recently reconnected. Joey passed on the web address to Matt for me to read. We are also trying to eat local and cook more, so your posts are a great source of inspiration. Congrats on the 100th post! The underwear is completely adorable and I especially like the apple and eggs. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  10. Alana, you're 100 and yet you look so youthful and beautiful. Hey, listen, how can you choose among the lovelies? I love their website and the undies are amazing. Fresh is fresh...Love, Lissa

  11. Hmm. I think grow your own and eat local. Also 100% natural, but grow your own is the peas are really nice looking and the apple is both a good political message and a little dirty. Underwear!

  12. congratulations indeed on the benchmark, pretty mama.
    i for one am damn happy this blog has been seeded and grown and is producing beautiful, healthy, juicy tales. the tomatoes would have been my choice, if i had written in time- tell M i think all the panties are super cute!