Saturday, July 25, 2009

who's getting new panties?

Today I went back to my old camp to pick up my nephew from his week there. I sat there, almost palpably surrounded by memories of being fifteen. I liked being there with my kids and those memories at the same time, sitting on the stage in the rec hall with Rosie, telling her about when I took a trust fall off that stage in some trust building hippy Unitarian exercise and Dan Stillman didn't catch me and so I sprained my neck and had a hard time trusting for a while.
"But it was OK, right mom? Did you break it, or you were just OK?"
"I was OK."
Had to save that one. Might have busted Rosie's chances of ever wanted to go to camp.
But I have to admit, through the whole experience, I was distracted. There was a very pressing question on my mind.
Who was going to win the undies?
After that, we went to a nearby idyllic town and had cold beverages. We walked around on the idyllic summer day while all three children did all or some of the following activities: whined, cried, complained, sulked, limped from Mommy's poor choice of shoes, dropped their dress in the toilet, and demanded irrational things. But still, I was distracted.
Long drive home with napping children except Sadie who was not so happy to have her cousin's dreadlocked head sleeping in her shoulder (only because it's a pretty big head and a very tiny shoulder). There was a growing headache, a small and healthy dose of marital tension. There was an entire loaf of bread. But still, yes, so distracted.
Quick swimming of children at the lake while I made dinner, which was saved by the addition of almonds into the brown rice, goofy children really into taking their clothes off at dinner, so much rice under the table, books, wet clothes on the floor, kisses and waterbottles, closed doors. And then, it was time to choose the winner, a job that we had already committed Sadie to. Quick, names written and in a hat, Joey runs into their room. They're both reading in their respective bunks. (Well, Sadie's reading and Rosie's "reading").
"Here Sadie. Choose!"
"Why don't I get to choose? I want to choose!"
"No, Sadie's choosing. It's her job tonight."
"Quick Sadie, choose!"
And she does. And so does Rose. But because it's Sadie's job, it's Sadie who chose the winner.
Ana's getting some new panties. Let's talk on email about the details.
Thanks to all of you who entered. I've got to say, your comments were so great, I wish you were all getting new panties. But hooray for Ana!


  1. Your nephew went to YPC? Crazy. Did you see anyone you knew while picking up? Totally missing Massachusetts in summer.

  2. Well, I guess I blew it. But the panties rule, and so does your blog.

  3. Yes! Greg Glassman was heading up T Camp- other than that- all new faces. Come to Massachusetts.. it misses you too.