Monday, July 20, 2009


The girls are bringing me to tears more than usual lately. Not good tears, either. I actually find myself holding my ears with my hands to block out the demands coming from both sides. It's funny though, in other moments, I'm thinking I've never loved them more.

I can't even hold on to anger for too long because the whole mood changes so quickly, and someone's saying, "Mom, sit there, I'd like to give you a snuggle."
I mean, what's the deal? Can't they be purely unloveable, once in a while? Sometimes they're so horrid, and they whine and beg for movies and sweets (I swear the existence of these two things is nearly impossible to bear sometimes). The get mad, and they hit me and yell and run away. And I think, "how did these monsters come out of my body?" But then they go out for ice cream on a summer night with their friend, and they say, "Mom, this is so good, want a lick?" Sometimes it's nice just to give them exactly what they want. Especially when there's ice cream for me in the deal.

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