Friday, July 24, 2009

the southfield store

I'm back again. The underwear giveaway doesn't end until tomorrow night... you still have a chance to enter. I just wanted to tell you about something.

There was a glorious little morning this week when Joey didn't have to get to work until later in the morning. I had the day off, so after Sadie hopped on the bus to camp, we took Rosie over to the Southfield Store.
This place is really out there- I mean, Southfield is one of those towns where people have summer houses, but when they try to live there in the winter, they get very very sad.
But right now, in this wettest of summers, it is green and perfect.
The Southfield Store has gone through some major incarnations, different people buy it and make it their own, but the space remains the same, luckily.

It was recently bought by the Old Inn On The Green, a fancy shmancy restaurant nearby. They have a very good pastry chef, and in addition to selling very expensive granola on her own, she makes all of the goodies at the Southfield Store.

What I love about this place, I mean really deeply love, is the sense of luxury that is so attainable for so little there. Parking on the little road, you become part of an entirely different moment than the one that you left. Drinking your coffee, eating a warm chocolate croissant, the morning becomes slow. And to slow down time, that might be the ultimate luxury.


  1. I just read this post (1/18/11) and I'm amused at how you say "when they try to live there in the winter, they get very very sad." I live right down the street from the Southfield Store, it's winter now, there's nearly three feet of snow on the ground and no one I know is very, very sad, and I know pretty much everyone in the village. But I am very glad you liked the Southfield Store. I like it too.

  2. My apologies! Indeed, Joey and the girls were there just last week, and everyone was as happy as ever...even in Great Barrington, though- I must say this is a lot of snow...